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Dedicated Internet Access

Internet Service Providers (ISP) are vital in today’s online information transmission of commerce and critical business data as the Internet has fast become the preferred way of most public and private communication. 

Altron Nexus uses its capabilities to partner with major Tier 1 carriers, providing our customers with fully redundant global and local Internet access up to 10 Gbps.

Get endless routing and throughput possibilities with dedicated 1:1 uncontended Internet bandwidth at a competitive price.

Our Internet services rely on the redundancy of multiple Internet service providers and enable seamless integration with all major last-mile providers.

By selecting the most cost-effective last-mile access link based on your physical location, area-specific providers, technology type, redundancy, and bandwidth requirements, we will provide you the optimal Internet solutions.

We offer a fully managed Internet service from designing and configuring to supporting and monitoring your Internet service.

A shared connection means that you’re sharing your maximum bandwidth with other people and your internet speed will fluctuate. Speeds can be unpredictable throughout the day. Essentially, it all depends on the internet provider’s network traffic. These issues are avoided with dedicated internet access, as your company doesn’t have to share bandwidth with anyone, ever. It is a dedicated connection with dedicated bandwidth.

Not all internet connections are equal. Especially when considering the advantages of dedicated internet access services. Ever connected to public WiFi, only to become frustrated with completing simple online tasks like browsing or sending email? Then you know the costs associated with a slow internet connection.

The stakes only increase when it comes to the quality of your business internet connection. In today’s digital world made up of eCommerce businesses, video conferences, 4K streaming and countless terabytes of cloud computing storage — dedicated internet access through a managed Internet Service Provider can make all the difference.

A slow connection is just one of the issues that can be shored up by taking advantage of a good managed internet service. The right solution will provide high-speed, dedicated internet access to your business, as well as better customer support, increased reliability, and better security.

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Dedicated internet access guarantees that your company always received the maximum bandwidth that you’re paying for.

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