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Network as a Service

For today’s digital-first enterprise, agility and simplicity is imperative.

We provide the most viable SD-WAN for enterprises that delivers significantly better performance for cloud and on-premise applications – including voice and video – for enterprise hubs, branch offices, and remote workforces.

Unlike legacy network technology that typically takes months to deploy, our software-defined network-as-a-service can be deployed within days, and it is delivered as a service so your organization can consume networking services in the same way that they would consume SaaS or IaaS.

Our solutions provide you with the following benefits:


Fully managed Network as a Service, deployed in hours to days.


Application performance optimization and resilience.


Layered visibility into service and network performance.


Multi-layer protection for edge and core nodes.


Enterprise-grade uptime. Accessible globally.

Multi-Cloud Access

Enterprise-grade uptime. Accessible globally.

We provide a full range of last-mile connectivity solutions to link you to our services and to your business – be it wireline or wireless, broadband or narrowband, we ensure that you receive connectivity at service levels that meet your requirements.


Dedicated Internet Access

Last Mile Connect

Cloud Connect