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Push-To-Talk over Cellular

Altron Nexus provides an affordable PTT communication solution that is designed specifically using Push-To-Talk over Cellular (PTToC) technology. Comprising of a network management systems (NMS), dispatch system, and mobile applications, PTToC can provide you with communication services through cellular or a Wi-Fi internet network, such as the push to talk (PTT), voice and video call, and instant messaging (IM).

The Push-To-Talk Over Cellular is a mobile communication system for command and dispatch based on the mobile operator’s cellular communication networks. Because of its convenient use, wide coverage and almost no distance restrictions, it is very popular among all walks of users. Its main function is to provide work management and command and dispatch services for enterprises, institutions and groups, mainly for group users, such as public security, firefighting, hospitals, urban management, government agencies, transportation, airport aviation, large-scale gatherings, etc. Due to its wide coverage and low cost, it can be rapidly deployed in batches to meet the needs of these groups to improve emergency response speed and work efficiency.

However, PTToC cannot completely replace the traditional private network system. In extreme cases, the public network communication facilities are often seriously damaged. Therefore, the private network trunking system of the relevant command departments still play an irreplaceable role in emergency rescue or emergency missions.

Reliable & Fast Rugged Terminals

Information Safety
& Privacy

Battery/ Voice Quality

(Time Delay)

Key Features

Wide cell coverage

Extend your workforce communication with mobile 3G/4G coverage that is supported by local SIM providers.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Connection with Wi-Fi networks to provide reliable communication, particularly indoors, whilst saving on data cost.

Real-time availability

Check status of contacts in real-time (online or offline), providing clean information about team availability.

GPS positioning

The in-built GPS supports outdoor positioning and dispatching.

Real-time clock

The RTC for displaying call history.



The great benefit of PTToC is that it provides fast PTT services and the one-to-many group calling services found on Private Mobile Radio system, but not on normal mobile phone networks.

Unlike PMR networks where channel capacity is finite, PTToC platforms allow any number of virtual channels and as many call groups as you want to be created, including the ability to create dynamic call groups.

Dispatcher services can be enabled, including real-time GPS location, tracking and monitoring services, along with other PMR type services such as late entry to group calls and remote stun or kill of devices.

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