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Public Safety & Private Security


@Connect’s network interconnects various departments including, but not limited to, EMS, Fire and Rescue for unified communications.

Exceptional Connectivity

EMS (Emergency Medical Services), Fire and rescue services rely on @Connect.

These services agree they cannot take chances when lives are on the line. Our national 2-way radio network provides effective, secure-encrypted and reliable communication in an emergency.

Our network has a proven track record and remains stable where other networks fail due to congestion, power outages and signal jamming.

The result is the ability to keep your officers, firefighters, medical personnel and members of the community safer than ever before.

Improve Safety and Productivity

Having access to @Connect’s quality national two-way radio network will assist in cutting down response times and better serving the community.

We Have The Solution

  • Instant call setup (saving vital seconds).
  • Seamless connection to your control room (for accurate instructions and dispatching of personnel).
  • Multi province wide coverage.
  • Accurate GPS tracking.
  • IP67/68 US military grade equipment.
  • Closed user systems for increased productivity.
  • Interface with existing radio system.
  • Mandown and Lone worker functionality for isolated radio users.
  • Programmable emergency button.
  • Telephonic (cellular and landline) interconnectivity capable.

Instant communication is a must when working to keep others safe.

Sea Rescue departments rely on @Connect

Exceptional Connectivity

  • Enhanced communications out at Sea.
  • Our signal goes out 100NM into the ocean, giving exceptional coverage.
  • Improve production and minimize distractions by eliminating cell phones (emails, text, and unnecessary phone calls while operating heavy equipment)
  • Lower costs, compared to that of satellite phones.
  • Optional GPS / VMS tracking.
  • Long-life equipment, built for rough use.
  • IP67 Rated Equipment
  • Instant communications, when every seconds counts.
  • Direct dial/private call/group call/all call at the push of a button.
  • Manage multiple vessels from one location.

Improve Safety and Productivity

Sea Rescue departments simply cannot takes chances when lives are on the line, be the lives of crew members or of their own, and not forgetting vessels that is worth hundreds of thousands. That is why having connectivity through our state of the art national trunked network allows lives and vessels to be saved.

Do what you do best, and that is “SAVING LIVES” and let us make sure that you have the connectivity when and where needed.


Exceptional Connectivity

When coordinating a security response, delayed communications can be the difference between a life and death situation.

When every second counts, security guards need a reliable way to alert the proper personnel no matter where they are.

Improve Safety and Productivity

Communication is often the key to responding appropriately to a broad range of threats in potentially dangerous and harmful situations.

The security industry relies on two-way radios for their vital communication needs.

Instant voice communication between control rooms and multiple security personnel in the field, either one-to-one or across multiple team members.

In the case of an emergency, it is vital for security to communicate quickly and efficiently.

Security Sector Challenges

  • Unreliable/durable equipment.
  • Difficult operation.
  • Poor area coverage (changing terrain).
  • Inability of personnel tracking.
  • Lack of Emergency calls, Group calls, Priority calls.
  • Lack of Lone worker functionality for isolated radio users.

We Have The Solution

  • Robust product with IP67/68 US Military grade equipment.
  • Closed user systems for increased productivity.
  • Interface with existing radio system.
  • Geo-fencing when using the despatcher software.
  • GPS tracking (Portables and Mobiles).
  • Emergency calls, Group calls, Priority calls.
  • Lone worker functionality for isolated radio users.

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