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Energy & Utilities

Exceptional Connectivity

For many local, provincial and national government entities, providing uninterrupted services has proved to be challenging.

With cable theft, infrastructure damage, dangers of working off site and in remote areas, making getting things done is hard.

Using our state of the art trunking radio network, you can have your entire field force connected and talking to each other.

Continually updating each other of status of progress, suspicious individuals and dangers etc.

We can have all you departments connected as groups and if needed, to be able to take to each other.

@Connect has teamed up with Hytera offering mission-critical radios and systems, providing integrated voice and data communications for emergency response and coordinated communications during and after an incident.

Improved Productivity
  • Cost saving.
  • Network coverage.
  • Report and management controls.
  • Equipment durability (IP67/68 US military grade equipment).
  • Interoperability to other government departments (if required).
  • Emergency calls, group calls, priority calls.
  • Ease of use.
We Have The Solution
  • Capex or managed services offering (monthly payments).
  • Closed user system for increased security and productivity.
  • Interface with existing radio systems.
  • Geofence when using Dispatcher software.
  • GPS tracking (Portable and Mobile).
  • Man-down and Lone worker functionality for isolated radio users.
  • Programmable emergency button.
  • Telephonic (cellular and landline) interconnectivity capable.
  • Wide area coverage for all systems.

Our solutions offered through our partnership on the RT-15 National Treasury tender award.

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